Safety & Quality

First Hair Shop consistently works to provide our consumers with the greatest products that adhere to the highest standards for safety, style, and beauty. To ensure that our customers receive the best and most appropriate products, we always use approved, secure, and high-quality substances in our hair treatment process. Along with many diverse and unique designs, we will become a prestigious place to bring modern beauty to customers.

First Hair Shop always cooperates with professionals to test and screen each ingredient, making sure they are not only excellent for your hair and safe for humans to consume but also environmentally friendly. First Hair Shop always keeps a close eye on every aspect of the manufacturing and processing of our products to ensure that there are no lapses in quality control or mistakes.

First Hair Shop consistently complies with or beyond regulatory authorities’ safety requirements. We also control and ensure the raw materials, input ingredients as well as packaging components so that products are safe both in delivery to the user and in usage.