Colored Lace Front Wigs The Fashionable Wigs For Women

It’s difficult to gain knowledge about wigs without hearing the phrase “colored lace front wigs”. The colored lace front wig suits any style, ranging from afro curly lace front wigs to short and long lace front wigs, etc. If you are interested in these wigs but do not understand them, let us help you to answer your most pressing queries regarding the colored lace front human hair wigs.


Colored Lace Front Wigs: The Fashionable Wigs For Modern Women

Overview of colored lace front wigs

There are many numerous variations of lace wigs that may be used to enhance your beauty and style your wigs, weaves, and natural hair extensions. Making the most suitable decision on which choice to pursue can, however, be a tricky problem.

Therefore, if you’re aiming to invest in a good value wig but aren’t certain what kind of wigs you should buy, colored lace front wigs are a great choice for you. We’ve gathered all that you need to understand about these lace front wigs, together with benefits and drawbacks.

Definition of colored lace front wigs

The front lace is a trait that mimics hair growth at the front of the head. Each hair strand is attached to the artificial lace base. These trendy human hair wigs lace front can have many colorful appearances for you to choose. This allows the hair at the hairline to move smoothly and brings a more natural look for the wearer. Because the front lace is an additional factor to the basic wig mesh structure, this will be a brilliant option for individuals who are concerned about maintaining cool throughout the day.

Colored lace front wigs are wigs that were bleached and dyed in many colors. They are a smart solution to help you change your hair color instantly. You like to change your hair color often to keep up with beauty trends, but dyeing your hair many times makes your hair tangled and easy to fall out. You can change any hair color you like with just the colored lace front wigs.


Colored lace front wigs

Pros and cons of colored lace front wigs

If you are wondering whether should or should not buy colored lace front wigs. Let’s find out the pros and cons of these wigs with us in the article below.

Advantages of colored lace front wigs

Lace frontals are the go-to trend for modern ladies who would like to renew their appearance. It is clear that colored lace front wigs would create several advantages.

  •  Bring comfortable wearing: We are all acquainted with the routine of having to wear our wigs and suffering intense awkwardness from them during extremely hot weather. The colored lace front wigs are easier to put on and provide a continuous flow of air to your scalp. You can comfortably hang out with your friends or work all day without worrying about the heat.
  • Change your appearance quickly: With colored lace front wigs, you can refresh your appearance by changing the color in a super easy way without going to the salon. Improving the look of youth and freshness by changing hair color is not a bad idea. You can choose bright colors if you want to appear youthful or darker colors for a mature, elegant look.
  • Allow you to try whatever hairstyle you want: One of the most inherent benefits of colored lace front wigs is the variety they provide. You can style your wigs in whatever hairstyle and color you prefer, from afro curly hair to middle or side sections. These wigs provide you with a natural hairline and allow you to design your hair according to your preference. It’s nearly as if you are styling your own natural hair.


Advantages of the colored lace front wigs

Disadvantages of colored lace front wigs

Many people are fascinated by colored lace front wigs due to the above sakes. However, there are some obvious disadvantages that you need to consider before deciding to purchase colored lace front wigs.

  • Need a special hair care regimen: You cannot use normal hair care products for colored lace front wigs. Normal hair products will make the dyes fade faster and dry out your hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use specialized shampoos to care for dyed hair to keep the color of the hair. Moreover, dyed hair has a thinner texture than natural hair. Therefore, every night you should massage your hair with a coconut oil mask or aloe vera gel. These products will improve hair texture and thicken hair.
  • Be more expensive: The cost of colored lace front wigs can be quite high, even with shorter lengths. The material is completely natural and created by collecting hair from real people. Therefore, these wig’s the price are quite high compared to synthetic wigs.


Disadvantages of colored lace front wigs

Tips to choose colored lace front wigs

When choosing a dyed hair color, the first thing that comes to your mind is to choose which color is suitable for your age or which hair color to help you cheat your age is what every girl wants. Besides, there are many criteria to choose a dyed hair color such as skin color, face, and age. When all 3 factors are matched, we will get the ideal dye color.

Choose colored lace front wigs according to your skin tone

Our skin is divided into 3 tones: light tones, neutral tones, and dark tones. Right here, here’s how to choose the hair color that suits your skin color to always look beautiful.

  • Light skin: For girls with light skin, there is no need to worry because any color will help you stand out. You can choose trendy blonde lace front wigs or any dark color wigs if you want to. Depending on your age and preferences, you can choose your favorite hair color.
  • Neutral skin: Neutral skin is the typical skin of us Asians and this skin color will be a little pickier. With this skin tone, basic colors like dark brown, chocolate brown, and chestnut brown are the colors safe yet beautiful.
  • Dark skin: This is an extremely difficult skin color for choosing the right dye, so many of you are still loyal to the legendary natural black hair color. Don’t worry about bold colors like coffee brown, dark chestnut brown, dark russet, deep copper brown, or wine red, these will still help brighten your skin and make others admire it.


Choose colored lace front wigs according to your skin

Choose colored lace front wigs according to the structure of your face

As mentioned above, dyed hair color is not only suitable for skin, and age but also for the face. Everyone thinks that to change the appearance or cover up the defects on the face, just changing the hairstyle is enough. That is a misconception. Hair color can also have a significant effect on your appearance. Let’s find out how to choose colored lace front wigs suitable for your face.

  • Colored lace front wigs with big faces: Smooth straight or wavy hair with highlights will narrow the face. Avoid choosing a solid color that is too dark as it will make your face look bigger and rougher. With this face, light hair color is the right choice.
  • Colored lace front wigs with oblong faces: To make a long face look fuller, dye your hair with different tones like ombre if you are a girl who likes to stand out. If you are a girl who likes lightness, simply choosing a dark color for your hair and a multi-layered hairstyle will help your face look more balanced. Avoid choosing too bright colors if you don’t want to show your flaws
  • Colored lace front wigs with small faces: For those of you with small faces, you should dye the color uniformly, depending on your skin color and preferences, you can choose the right color, but remember to dye only 1 color. Wavy hair with brown color is an appropriate choice to make your face look more balanced.


Choose colored lace front wigs according to the structure of your face

Steps to install colored lace front wigs

The common concern for colored lace front wigs users is that others may realize they are using a wig, and putting on the wig can be challenging. Is it wearable right out of the box? Will it perfectly fit the form of my head? How do you prevent it from slipping? With these easy instructions for installing your wig, you will look natural while also experiencing comfort.

Step 1: Do a skin test before installing your colored lace front wigs

Take into account whether you are allergic to your adhesive or not. Apply a tiny quantity to your palm hand. Let it sit for about a day before extracting it.

If the skin becomes irritated or red, reconsider using a different type or brand of adhesives. Move ahead if there is no change.


Do a skin test

Step 2: Flatten your real hair

You must first set up your hair before putting on your wig. If your hair is short, simply sweep it back and away from your face.

In case your hair is long, pin up your hair by generating flat pin curls out of portions of your hair. To reduce bulges, keep them properly spread across your head.

Step 3: Clear oil-free and dirty

You need to clean your forehead and hairline carefully. Blot the surface dry. To remove unwanted oil, use a little amount of alcohol to wipe all around the hairline.

If you own sensitive skin, use a protecting serum for the scalp to the affected area, before applying alcohol. Leave both completely dry before proceeding.


Clear oil-free and dirty

Step 4: Check the fitting of your colored lace front wigs

You can check the fitting of human lace front wigs near me by putting your wig on your head.  If you find pressure around your scalp, this means the stunning colored lace front wigs are tight and you should let the elastic band out a little bit. On the contrary, if you move your head the wig moves independently, adjust the elastic band.

You should not skip this step.  This is a seemingly insignificant step but will greatly affect your experience.  You may feel uncomfortable when wearing a wig or be revealed to be wearing a wig if the wig doesn’t fit.

Step 5: Apply glue or tape

You may attach a colored lace front wig to your head with either tape or glue. We advise exploring both approaches before settling on your preferred approach:

  • With tape: Apply double-sided tape to the forehead beginning in the middle and moving outward. Lay the strips side by side until your hairline is mostly covered.
  • With glue: Apply glue thoroughly along the hairline, and then wait for it to set for about three minutes.

Put a wig on your head after applying adhesive, ensuring sure the hairline matches. Working from the center out to your ears, stick the lace front over the tape or adhesive using your fingertips.


Apply glue or tape

Step 6: Style your colored lace front wigs

Colored lace front wigs are versatile, permitting the user to change their hairstyle by the way they style their real hair. These wigs may be styled with regular brushes and hot styling tools.

On the other hand, you can change the color and style of synthetic wigs. You should consider purchasing human hair lace front wigs instead of synthetic ones if you want to discover numerous hairstyles and hair colors of colored lace front wigs and experience the liberty of choice.


Steps to install the colored lace front wigs

Some ways to maintain colored lace front wigs

Dying your hair wigs is a quick way to change your look. Hair dye is a method of removing, replacing, or coating the natural color pigments in your hair. Long-term exposure to dyes can weaken the structure of your hair wigs, causing premature graying and a lack of smoothness, and hair loss. Here are some tips to make your colored lace front wigs durable.

Clean your colored lace front wigs carefully

The following are all the easy ways to shampoo your colored lace front wigs at home. Shampoo your hair in 3 easy steps to always have beautiful hair when you go out.

  • Step 1: Wet your wigs

You need to wet your wigs with warm water before applying shampoo. This process lasts for 15 minutes.

  • Step 2: Use shampoo and conditioner for the wig

Prepare some clean water in the basin, then take shampoo into the basin to create the foam. Put your colored lace front wigs in a basin and massage the hair in the direction of the hair with a comb or your hand. Do not rub it too hard, especially if you own vibrantly colored wigs. As this can soon weaken the delicate hair follicles and end up causing the hair to become damaged.

After soaking, rinse with cold water; otherwise, warm water can be used. When you use too hot water, your wigs might get unruly. Continue by simply putting an adequate amount of conditioner in a basin of diluted water. Soak your colored lace front wigs in the same method as before, then rinse with water.

Take your hair out and dry it with a gentle towel before hanging it up. The hair should spread into the structure and let dry naturally.

  • Step 3: Use a little hairspray

Wait until your hair is 80-85% dry before applying hairspray. Then thoroughly dry your hair, and you have a completely new set of hair.

Additionally, after a few months, you may incubate your hair at home to make it softer. The habit of using incubated cream will help your wig color last longer.


Clean your colored lace front wigs carefully

Be careful when combing colored lace front wigs

Besides washing your hair properly, careful brushing is also important for long-lasting colored lace front wigs. Here are some guidelines for combing your wigs.

  • With artificial wigs: You must pick a kind of comb specifically for a synthetic wig because this wig type is simple to tangle. If your colored lace front wigs are frizzy, you should separate them into curls, spray the untidy hair with hairspray for a few seconds, and then use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush it. You can easily deal with the issue of tangled hair with a hair conditioner. This hair care product contains collagen elements that instantly smooth and soften hair.
  • With human hair wigs: Most of us are familiar with brushing our natural hair. You only need to use a brush across a few lines to get into the normal form quickly. Sometimes you may skip combing your human hair wigs if your wigs are silky. You just need to simply stroke them with your hands to make them look more natural.


Be careful when combing wigs

Preserve colored lace front wigs after using

No matter how gorgeous and confident the colored lace front wig makes you feel, you shouldn’t put on your hair after a long hard-working day. This bad habit can affect your real hair.

You should take it off, and afterward, wrap the hair with a net and put it in a box to eliminate dust and avoid outside factors that lead to your hair getting frizzy. If your hair gets wet from rain, let it dry before preserving it.

Restoring unruly hair

The price of a synthetic wig is cheaper than a human hair wig. However, it is impossible to restore synthetic silk hair.

On the other hand, with colored lace front wigs manufactured from virgin hair, you can utilize haircare products to reconstruct your hair and retain the curls in place again. Do not use heat machines to make fake waves or dry, curl, dye, or bleach your hair many times.


Some tips to maintain colored lace front wigs

In conclusion, colored lace front wigs are one of the smart choices for modern girls. After reading this article, you can get all the basic knowledge about these wigs. Although they have some drawbacks, compared to advantages, those disadvantages are insignificant. You can find a lot of beautiful wigs and extensions on First Hair Shop home page. If you think this blog is helpful, please follow us to know more information about wigs. And if you are planning to buy colored lace front wigs but don’t know any reliable shop, please contact First Hair Shop at website First Hair Shop is the most prestigious wig shop in Vietnam. With a variety of models and high-end quality, we are confident to bring you the best shopping experience.


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