About Us

How were we born?

First Hair Shop was founded in 1994 in Hanoi, Vietnam with over 20-year-experience in the hair industry. Thanks to the talented founder and excellent managers, we have developed from a small local enterprise and become bigger and bigger day by day. We got closer to the goal of being one of the largest and most reliable websites that bring beauty solutions to our customers through premium wigs.


Why should you choose us?

To begin with, First Hair Shop served a wide range of customers worldwide and held a solid position in the hair market. We take pride in providing our customers with professional wigs and hair items that were born for only you. We quickly established a foothold in the global hair market and try our best to bring beauty solutions to our customers day by day. 

Secondly, First Hair Shop has a wide understanding not only of hair but also of fashion, the attitude of life, and trends so we can bring you the most qualified, trendy products that adapt to your requirements. When you get the wigs and hair products from our shop, you also get knowledge about fashion, social tendencies, and so on as well. 


What are our core values?

1. Slogan

First Hair Shop has worked with a slogan: “Beauty your tagline in here since our inception. Wherever you are, whatever your jobs are, we are always guaranteed to bring you the most fashionable and high-quality wigs. We always want you to be yourself, free to try different hairstyles of wigs that you have not had a chance to try before. We want to spread this message to all those who love beauty on our planet.

2. Understanding

First Hair Shop is always proud to understand customers’ hair demands. At First Hair Shop, we put an emphasis on our customers, we know what they wear and how essential hair is. We always lead an ear to any demand of customers and find appropriate solutions that make customers most satisfied.


3. Excellent Quality

First Hair Shop ensures to provide customers with the best quality wigs at the most competitive price. We are always attractive to modern girls because of top-grade quality and the best service. Most importantly, we understand the importance of wigs’ quality. We prioritize wig products with the highest quality – the best wig products all the time.



4. Fashion Trend

First Hair Shop continually updates the latest trend to enhance our collection of hair wigs, which will satisfy any of our customers, even the most demanding ones. Fashion trends are updated by First Hair Shop every year, every season, and every day. We ensure wigs diversity and wigs fashion for customers to have more choices.

What about our staff?

First Hair Shop always has staff who are always ready to support you anytime. We care about every aspect, using high-quality services to treat every customer. Our staff will supply you with detailed information about the products that you want to know. Our customer service staff will be concerned about your order during the whole purchasing process.


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